Nigeria’s Barau Presides As 6th ECOWAS Parliament Session Holds In Kano

Nigeria's Barau Presides As 6th ECOWAS Parliament Session Holds In Kano

The Economic Community Of West African States (ECOWAS) Parliament has commenced its first-ever sitting in the ancient city of Kano with the Nigeria’s Deputy Senate President, Senator Barau Jibrin, acting as the Speaker in his position as the 1st Deputy Speaker of the regional parliament.

Addressing journalists on Monday after a technical session of the parliament, Senator Jibrin stated that there was no going to be restriction on what to be discussed during the upcoming sessions.

He described it as an opportunity to reach the grassroots and address the various challenges of the region.

“Tomorrow, Tuesday is going to be the session that will implore all the parliamentarians and of course the invited guests that will be here with us tomorrow.

“What we had today is the Bureau meeting between the leadership of the Parliament and the committee chairmen and other principal officers of the parliament,” he stated.

He further explained why representatives from Togo were not attending the meeting, saying there were no elections in the country earlier, but now that elections had taken place, they were being expected.

“In this meeting, the entire Assembly has been brought here and in the Assembly we don’t have any kind of restrictions. When we have a parliament, everything concerning the entire community will be discussed.

“When you have a parliament, even if you have an agenda, you still have a room for everybody to bring forward whatever he feels should be discussed.

“So it’s an open session for parliament and they don’t have restrictions. Everything about the society, about the economy, about ECOWAS, about the West African sub-region can be discussed. So, it’s an open-ended kind of a scope in respect of what is going to be discussed,” the first Deputy Speaker explained.

Senator Barau explained further that it’s the first time the ECOWAS parliament is taking place in Kano.

“It’s in line with what we’ve said, we are here so that Kano will know ECOWAS parliament and ECOWAS parliament will know Kano,” he added.

The Parliament is composed of 115 seats with each member-state for ECOWAS having a guaranteed minimum of five seats with the remaining 40 seats shared to member-states on the basis of population with Nigeria getting the largest share.

With the 15 member-states of ECOWAS, with Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger not likely to attend, the Speakership rotates among the member-states with a four-year term each. The current parliament will sit for the next four days.

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