NLC Pickets Pension Firm Over Unfair Labour Practices


Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) yesterday stormed and locked down the premises of the Trust Fund Pensions in Abuja to take its stand against what it described as unfair labour practices by the firm.

The labour centre accused the fund of disengaging over 45 workers without due process in breach of the labour laws.

The deputy general-secretary in charge of organising and industrial relations, Comrade Chris Uyot, who spoke with journalists at the event, highlighted long standing grievances related to workers’ rights, management conduct and anti-labour activities over the years.

Uyot said that despite attempts by the union to engage with the management, their concerns have gone unanswered specifically, the recent dismissal of over 45 workers without due process which has raised serious concerns within the NLC.

The union contended that the laws of the country apply equally to all, including Trust Fund Pension, and that unjust actions must be rectified.

Similarly, NLC deputy general secretary, Comrade Ismail Bello, during the protest stressed that Trust Fund Pensions employment practices are unacceptable saying that many workers, particularly at the junior level (including cleaners and security personnel), earn less than the minimum wage of N30,000.

Bello further criticised the lack of dialogue between the management and the union, insisting that redundancy exercises require consultation with workers or their representatives.

He said that the picketing action was aimed at holding the firm accountable.

“We are not just here in the same building, labour has investment there, and anyone associated with labour should respect basic standards”, Bello stated.

 The NLC in partnership with National Union of Banks, Insurance and Financial Institutions Employees, (NUBIFIE) called on Trust Fund Pension to recognise the importance of fair labour practices and engage in meaningful dialogue, stressing that injustice will not be tolerated.

Attempt to get comments from the management staff of the Trust Fund Pensions was not successful as none was on ground during the protest.


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