No Amount Of Political Alignment Can Vote Us Out In 2027 – APC Group

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A support group of the All Progressives Congress (APC) known as the National Progressive Hub had declared that no amount of political alignment or strategies can vote the party out in 2027 if its faithful are united.

The group said ongoing alignment of political parties and politicians in the country clearly showed that some are ready to match up with APC in 2027 but expressed confidence that Nigerians are with the party more than they were during the 2023 elections due to the leadership quality of President Bola Tinubu.

The coordinator of National Progressive Hub, Hon. Bukie Okangbe who stated these during a press conference at the APC national secretariat in Abuja yesterday, called on the party faithful to rally round their leaders for a greater victory in the next election.

He stressed the need for all APC leaders to be together and united because they have another election to win 2027 and assured Tinubu that Nigerians have strong faith in his ability to put the country on the path of economic, security and developmental prosperity.

Okangbe admitted the hardship and hunger faced by many families and households in the country but plead with Nigerians to bear with the president and have faith in the administration.

“The president has given Nigerians his words that the present hardship is temporary and this he is committed to doing. As a leader with a large heart, Nigerians should just show a little more patient in the capacity of the president to fulfill his election promises.”

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