“No yam and drinks?” – Nigerian lady shocked by her Esan bride price (WATCH)

"No yam and drinks?" – Nigerian lady shocked by her Esan bride price (WATCH)

A Nigerian lady is in shock as she laments about the Esan bride price, which her father collected from his in-laws as her dowry, questioning how much she is worth.

The lady identified as @the_prodigy was astonished upon seeing the bride price of an Esan woman, an indigene of Edo state. She expressed profound disappointment about the items, revealing she is a foreign-trained first-class graduate.

Surprisingly, she got a bag of onions, half a bag of rice, a bag of salt, and two kegs of cooking oil as bride price. She noted that she was expecting refineries in the South, oil wells, and two universities to start her marital journey.

However, her father decided to accept a bag of onions for her bride price, leaving her in shock.

Netizens have taken to the comment section to share their experience, comparing the bride price of various tribes in Nigeria. The people of Esan tend to collect little items in case the husband misbehaves, the bride price will be returned to his family.

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@oloye_wire001 thank God oo he nor cost I nor go worry again make I go chop 500k for the money I be keep for bride price 😂😂😂

@verified_urbanfisherman I got 1 bag of rice, 40 tubers of Yam, garden eggs, egusi, umbrella, box full of wrappers, 7 crates of beer, juice, Schnaps.. etc.. Akko-Edo

@adesuwa78 We the Edos we no they sell our children so incase the man do anyhow we go return everything to am

@ifyrizashun Each item is significant. Congratulations 

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