NOPPMAN To Expand Onion Production To Boost Nigerian Market

Jude Bellingham

National Onion Producers, Processors and Marketers Association of Nigeria (NOPPMAN) has unveiled plans for expansion and rebranding initiative aimed at enhancing onion production, processing, and market competitiveness domestically and internationally.

During its 4th National Executive Council (NEC) meeting held in Abuja, NOPPMAN’s president, Aliyu Maitasamu Isah, announced the association’s collaboration with private organisations to establish onion processing companies, each with its own brand, to capture market share locally and abroad.
Isah expressed confidence in the upcoming launch of their processed onion product brand, scheduled for later this year.

He said, “With operational plants in Lagos and Sokoto, NOPPMAN is poised to invest substantially in its Sokoto facility, with an estimated value of five million US dollars.”
Highlighting the project’s significance, Isah emphasized its potential to significantly increase onion production capacity.

He outlined NOPPMAN’s ambitious goal of producing one thousand metric tons of onions sourced from hundreds of thousands of onion bulbs, contingent upon adequate government support, particularly in accessing credit resources.

“In addition to expanding production capacity, NOPPMAN aims to modernize its packaging for processed onions to meet evolving market demands,” he stated.

Isah stressed the importance of increasing onion production and storage facilities to minimize post-harvest losses, suggesting government assistance in providing portable or small modern processing machines to empower youths and women in the onion business.

“The onion subsector holds immense potential to contribute substantially to Nigeria’s GDP, estimated at around 700 billion annually, encompassing both production and processing aspects. NOPPMAN’s efforts signal a concerted push towards harnessing this potential and solidifying Nigeria’s position as a significant player in the global onion market.”

Meanwhile, the permanent secretary of the ministry, Ambassador Nuru Rimi, urged the association to enhance its production to bolster the country’s foreign exchange reserves.
Represented by the director of commodities and export, Mr Kaura Irimiya, Rimi emphasized the importance of producing onion flakes for exportation.

“By venturing into onion flakes production, we can tap into the export market. There is a growing demand for Nigerian onion products abroad due to their natural flavour,” he noted.
Rimi pledged to collaborate with the association’s leadership to improve onion packaging materials and branding.
“We need to enhance our packaging and branding strategies to ensure our commodities have a strong presence worldwide,” he added.

Highlighting the significance of exports in bolstering foreign exchange reserves, the permanent secretary emphasized the government’s commitment to reducing onion importation levels.
In his goodwill message, the director-general of the Raw Materials, Research and Development Council of Nigeria, Engr. Emmanuel Kwaya, lauded the association for its efforts in increasing onion production in Nigeria over the past three years.

“According to available data, onion production has surged from 244000 metric tonnes in 2020 to approximately 1.5 million metric tonnes in 2022. This represents significant progress,” he remarked.
Kwaya also affirmed the council’s support for improving storage facilities to minimise wastage and increase farmers’ benefits.

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