Oba Of Benin Receives Artifacts From Germany

Oba Of Benin Receives Artifacts From Germany

The German government yesterday returned two artifacts to the palace of the Oba of Benin, Ewuare II.

The artefacts, wooden and bronze stools, were brought to the palace by the director general, National Commission for Museums and Monuments, Olugbile Holloway.

The artefacts had been with the federal government since 2022.

Holloway who said he was at the palace to introduce himself to the Oba, having assumed office recently, told the Oba that he was also at the palace with a surprise for the monarch.

Holloway then opened the box to reveal the two stools to the amazement of the Oba who broke into a dance and was joined by other subjects in the palace.

Holloway said; “I have come to the palace to introduce myself and my team to the Oba and to let the Oba know that we are ready to work with the kingdom.

“Apart from this, I also have a surprise for the Oba and hopefully this will be the beginning of better things to come,” he added.


The Oba, who was overjoyed, thanked Holloway for the surprise, adding, “You don’t know what you have done but I am really grateful for this gesture.”

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