Police Oppose Petition To Arrest Igbo Traders In Bayelsa

Police Oppose Petition To Arrest Igbo Traders In Bayelsa

The Assistant Inspector General of Police (AIG), in charge of Zone 16 headquarters in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State, Paul Omata, has taken action in response to the alleged petition to arrest Igbo traders in the Ultra-Modern Swali market in the state.

AIG Omata, who received the leadership of the Igbo traders in his office also gave an order to stop any further arrest of Igbo traders and assured the traders that he will investigate the matter and put a stop to it.

It was observed that the Igbo traders in Swali market were being arrested as a result of a petition written against the chairman and the entire Igbo traders in the market by the market mistress, one Mrs Mildred Egele, alleging that they protested against her. 

The chairman of the Igbo traders in Swali Ultra-Modern market, Mr Jude Osigwe, told LEADERSHIP Sunday that he was abducted on March 17, 2024, by masked police officers from Zone 16 with a tinted Hilux vehicle, armed without police uniform and no warrant of arrest when he was asked to enter the vehicle. 

He said, “I summoned courage and asked who are you people? So, the people were looking for me because the police refused me to make calls. When they looked after 24 hours and they did not see me and nobody was able to reach me, they started protesting because my lawyer was able to tell them that they have seen a petition written to Zone 16 by Mildred Egele through the office of Trade and Investment. 

“That was what prompted the protest and it was a very peaceful protest. To our greatest surprise, after then, she wrote another petition arresting everybody. So that was why we are here to see the AIG in charge of Zone 16. The AIG wield into the matter and the first thing he did was to stop the arrest and also asked the IPO to do the needful. He has also given myself and Mildred an invitation so that he can know actually the problem and put an end to it. So, we are very grateful.”

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