PR Expert Odewunmi Offers Strategies For Political Campaigns

Femi Odewunmi

Group chief executive officer of leading PR and marketing consultancy, Creative Intelligence Group, Femi Odewunmi, has highlighted how social media platforms have revolutionised citizen engagement, enabling politicians and parties to connect with audiences through targeted strategies.

Speaking in an interview on Arise TV’s Global Business Report, Odewunmi said, “Social media offers evolving opportunities for positioning political products effectively using a traditional marketing funnel approach with compelling content formats.”

According to him, as the platforms cement their role in Nigeria’s political arena, his company, Creative Intelligence Group, was spearheading efforts to help notable parties and state governments leverage social media to influence key audiences positively. He said the firm’s expertise spans compelling messaging, innovative content, and data-driven analytics to foster authentic engagement.

He said, “We deeply understand Nigeria’s public sector and political communications landscape,” Odewunmi said. “Our team advises leaders, candidates, and organizations on influencing audiences into action.”

However, Odewunmi also acknowledged social media’s challenges, such as misinformation spread, necessitating robust reputation protection tactics.

According to him, “While social media presents immense opportunities, proactively combating misinformation and managing reputations is crucial.

“Using proprietary technology tools and analytics dashboards, we work with clients to develop strategies that withstand significant media and social threats.”

Odewunmi cited the TikTok ownership discussions, underscoring the need to adapt proactively. “The desire for US TikTok ownership highlights these platforms’ influence and the importance of navigating regulatory shifts,” he explained. “Our team ensures clients stay ahead of the curve.”

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