Resurgence Of Insecurity

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Reports from across the country indicate that there is a resurgence in worrisome terrorist acts. From Katsina to Plateau, there have been tales of killings and abductions. A situation that has remained persistent for years. Amid the sparks of successes by the security agencies, these acts of mindless killings and attacks still linger.

For instance, suspected bandits who killed four soldiers and one vigilante at Yar-Malamai village of Faskari local government area of Katsina State have regrouped and invaded the town again a day after, kidnapping 80 residents. The attack came after soldiers deployed to the area deserted their camp to mourn their colleagues who paid the supreme sacrifice.

A credible source, who is a resident of the area, was quoted as saying that the bandits spent about 10 hours burning houses, and looting foodstuff, fertilisers and other valuables from people’s shops.

“The bandits attacked the community again from 6 am to 4 pm, looting people’s shops; they burnt several houses, and vehicles, and went away with many residents of the town a few hours after soldiers left the area,” the source said.

The situation is no different in Zamfara. A member of the House of Representatives representing Zurmi/Shinkafa Federal Constituency, Bello Hassan, recounted that bandit had attacked no fewer than 50 communities in the Zurmi Local Government Area of Zamfara State. Hassan said the incessant attacks by the bandits had forced residents of the affected communities to abandon their ancestral homes.

The lawmaker said that the bandits invaded the Gidan Shaho community in large numbers. According to him, not less than 50 villages have been attacked by these elements and the residents of those villages displaced. Whenever the military attacked the gunmen; they (gunmen) retaliated by attacking the villagers. It is sad! Something should be done about this to safeguard the lives of the people in Zamfara communities.

“The security people are aware of what is happening but they are doing nothing. Last Monday, when the bandits were having a meeting, the vigilantes, police and military were aware. But when the military decided to go and confront them, unknown to them, the bandits were at a primary school in the Gidan Shaho community.”

Like Katsina, attacks by bandits in Zamfara communities have raged over the years, continually posing threats to communities and food security as farmers fear to go to farms. To be sure, attacks, especially in the rural areas in the country, have made life tough for dwellers, who constantly live with the morbid fear of these criminals at any time.

Sadly, in our view, operatives of the various security agencies are reported to be in the habit of arriving at scenes of attacks only after many people have been abducted or killed. That terrorists and bandits are growing in numbers and challenging the authorities is rather troubling. They feel emboldened to embark on their criminal undertaking hapless citizens who they intimidate and overpower to pay taxes and levies them.

We are disturbed by the bravado of these criminals. We are even more concerned about the attitude of the political and military authorities who seem to have left rural communities at the mercy of rampaging gunmen. There is an all-pervasive perception that propaganda has taken over where decisive action is required to put these bandits and terrorists where they belong – in the pit of hell.

What’s worse, in our view, is that the level of insecurity is such that the socio-economic activities and well-being of the rural inhabitants are severely trampled upon by the actions of criminals and the inaction of officialdom.

The harrowing experience in Abuja, the seat of power, also suffering such attacks calls to question the effectiveness of the security apparatus in the country. It is causing fear and apprehension among the residents in the city in such a manner that ought to stir the government to meaningful action. Instead, the situation is attracting a business-as-usual response except when the issue of security vote is on the table.

From Kwali to Abaji, Kuje and Kwali councils, armed robbers have now been joined by kidnappers who abduct people in broad daylight. But it’s worthy of note that such has reduced measurably. Nevertheless, the massive ungoverned spaces, especially in the North, need fresh thinking in security forces backed with technology.

We also suggested that the government should ensure severity of consequences in the form of arrests and prosecutions as deterring punishments. The president must work towards reforming and repositioning the police to deliver on their primary duties of maintaining law and order, especially in rural communities.

That fresh ideas are needed to battle this scourge is stating the obvious, especially as the level of insecurity in many of these communities has made it practically difficult for farmers to continue to engage in agricultural production.






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