SportyBet To Deploy AI To Combat Cybercrime


One of the renowned sports betting platforms, SportyBet has stated that is ramping up its collaboration with regulatory authorities and law enforcement agencies in the fight against cybercrime due to a recent thwarted attack.

To this end, the sports betting brand in its bid to combat cyber threats is now increasing its investment in artificial intelligence and other technologies to identify and apprehend cybercriminals.

According to a statement from the game, sports betting medium, “ The sports platform reiterates its long-standing commitment to bolster security measures after being alleged to withheld winnings by certain media outlets.”

However, the sports betting platform expressed its resolve to defend its integrity against any attempts to malign its reputation.

With a global presence and a track record of over 12 years in Nigeria, SportyBet said it remains dedicated to upholding the trust of its users and the public.

By proactively addressing cyber threats and maintaining transparency in its operations, the platform aims to safeguard the interests of its users and uphold its reputation as a trusted online sports betting operators.


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