The Governor Inuwa Yahaya Model


Recently, Governor Muhammadu Inuwa Yahaya approved the conduct of a monthly mandatory general sanitation exercise in the Gombe State.    

In a statement conveying the approval, the administration of Governor Inuwa Yahaya said the introduction of the exercise was aimed at providing a conducive, sustainable and healthy environment for human habitation. Accordingly, the exercise is expected to be observed by members of the public on the last Saturday of every month. This approval of a monthly sanitation exercise yet again demonstrates the unwavering commitmentof Governor Inuwa Yahaya to addressing the teething challenges associated with the environment. Perhaps a trip down memory lane may just paint vivid picture of the premium the present administration in Gombe State attaches to the wellbeing of the environment. For instance on assumption into office in 2019, Governor Inuwa Yahaya launched an ambitious project known as the Gombe Goes Green (3G). Under the 3G project, the government, through a coordinating agency, projected and implemented a massive tree planting campaign aimed at halting desert encroachment and other negativities linked to the absence of trees. Today, Gombe State Government under the visionary leadership of Governor Inuwa Yahaya has made good its promise by successfully planting a minimum of four million trees across the State. This development has led to hitherto barren fields and streets now adorned with vegetational cover. 

As a continuous campaign, the 3G project aims to ultimately restore a lush  environment capable of regenerating the fast eroding ecosystem. Further more, the monstrous gullies associated with the landscapes of Gombe State makes the threats to lives and property even more glaring and frightening. Little wonder that the administration of Governor Inuwa Yahaya in partnership with the defunct NEWMAP and AcreSal signed some multi billion naira contract to tame two monstrous gullies ravaging the lives and livelihood of the people. First it was the Gombe State University-Malam Inna- Kagarawal gully erosion control work which has since been completed.  Secondly is the ongoing 21 kilometres stretch of gully erosion control works which traverses through the Federal College of Education Technical Gombe, Wuro Kesa, Wuro Ladde, Malam Inna and Kagarawal. Like the former, when completed the later will prevent the gradual destruction of lives and property but equally save the environment from becoming unfit for human habitation. The latest effort by Governor Inuwa Yahaya to introduce a monthly sanitation exercise will gradually but surely instill the people of the State the culture of taking responsibility over the environment in which they live and seek their daily bread. The challenge of environmental degredation and the gradual loss of natural habitats occasioned by the  impact of climate change and global warming, presupposes an urgent, coordinated and a multi layered approach such as the ones being orchestrated by the Inuwa Yahaya’s administration to cushion the devastating impact and save humanity from existential threats. 

As an established fact, the environment is critical to the survival of both plants and animals but the survival of these living organism is  dependent on how well the people relate with the environment be it at individual, group or governmental levels. While the care and protection of the environment in Nigeria still leaves much to be desired, in view of some underlying factors, in Gombe State, North East Nigeria particularly under the administration of Governor Inuwa Yahaya the political will to reverse the fast eroding ecosystem seems to have struck the right chord for the benefit of present and next generation to come.


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