Unlock your tech potential: Huge tech training discount for Nigerians by UK’s Titrans Technology

Titrans Technology tech discount

Are you tired of watching from the sidelines while others seize their tech dreams and make it a reality?

It’s time to take ACTION and grab the opportunity of a LIFETIME with Titrans Technology’s West African Tech Outreach!

It is a 6-month virtual training and internship program designed JUST for you! Ensuring you emerge as a MASTER in your chosen field. No more waiting around – it’s YOUR time to SHINE!

But wait, there’s MORE!*

After completing the program, you’ll have the chance to WORK on REAL-LIFE projects – yes, you heard that right! Gain invaluable experience and set yourself apart from the crowd. Say goodbye to boring textbooks and hello to HANDS-ON learning!

But the perks don’t stop there!

As a proud partner of the esteemed UK organization, CPD, Titrans Tech guarantees that your training holds global recognition. This certification serves as a powerful endorsement on your resume, unlocking a plethora of remote tech opportunities across the UK.

Titrans Technology tech discount

Picture yourself living your tech dreams while sipping coffee in your PJs – sounds like a DREAM come true, right?

And let’s talk about the courses – we’ve got everything you need to LEVEL UP your skills on the following:

📊 Data Analysis
🎨 UI/UX Design
💻 Web Development
☁️ Cloud Engineering
📈 Product Management

Now, here’s the DEAL you’ve been waiting for:

Originally priced at £450, thanks to our 7 year anniversary discount offer, we’re offering this life-changing training for just £82 (N150,000)! But HURRY – this offer is LIMITED to the FIRST 200 STUDENTS!

Registration kicks off on May 15th, 2024! Don’t let this opportunity slip through your fingers – JOIN the tech revolution NOW!

👉 Secure your spot at www.titranstech.co.uk/we-outreach and IGNITE your tech career TODAY! 👈

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