Video Of Elderly Women Queuing For Spaghetti Sparks Mixed Reactions Online (VIDEO)

Video Of Elderly Women Queuing For Spaghetti Sparks Mixed Reactions Online (VIDEO)

A video circulating online has generated a wave of mixed reactions as it shows a group of elderly women standing in line under the scorching sun, eagerly awaiting a distribution of packets of spaghetti.

The video, shared on the social media platform X (formerly known as Twitter), was posted by a user identified as @alakowee, who expressed sympathy for the women in the video.

In the clip, a man is seen stepping out of his red car, holding packets of spaghetti, which he proceeds to distribute to the patiently waiting women.

The video has ignited a lot of mixed opinions among netizens, with emotions running high.

Some viewers expressed empathy for the elderly women, highlighting the challenging circumstances that led them to queue for a basic food item.

Others commended the individual distributing the spaghetti for his act of kindness within the community.

Some individuals voiced concerns about the underlying issues that may have caused the scene captured in the video.

As the video continues to circulate online, it has garnered the attention of netizens online, sparking mixed reactions amongst viewers.

Here are some reactions below:

@Donaldestat : “It might even be an expired spaghetti”

@moses_me19 : “See as the thing the pain me enter my heart ah!!! 

@Royal_Citizens : “Spaghetti that used to be sold for #200 before 2015 is what these old women are now kneeling to collect?”

@LadyGrasha : “This is an ugly view, a shame and slap to the elderly. 


Watch the video below:


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