Viral Video Captures Pregnant Nigerian Woman Flawlessly Singing Olamide Hit Song “Eni duro” Word for Word (WATCH)

Viral Video Captures Pregnant Nigerian Woman Flawlessly Singing Olamide Hit Song "Eni duro" Word for Word (WATCH)

A heavily pregnant Nigerian woman has captured the attention of social media users with her mesmerizing performance of Olamide’s hit song, “Eni Duro.”

The captivating video, which has been widely shared across various platforms, shows the expectant mother confidently delivering a flawless rendition of the popular track.

Without any hesitation, the woman grabs a simple water bottle, using it as a microphone, and launches into the song, effortlessly reciting the lyrics word for word.

The passion and energy she showed as she sang along to the tune is truly remarkable, considering her advanced stage of pregnancy.

As the performance continues, onlookers are visibly captivated, showering the pregnant woman with praise and even monetary appreciation.

The video has since taken the internet by storm, with many social media users urging others to tag the song’s original artist, Olamide, in the hopes that he might take notice of this dedicated fan.

The pregnant woman’s impressive performance has undoubtedly touched the hearts of countless viewers.

As the video continues to circulate, it has garnered the attention of netizens, sparking heartwarming reactions


See comments below:

@Zaddy of Lagos: “100% sure say if Olamide see the video E go bless her .. Aje.”

@Sarah Duncan: “Olamide really needs to find u nd bless u big aswear,I jst dey smile like mumu for here.”

@nikkyo: “Na all this Newbie dey choose Davido and WizKid over Olamide.”

@YOLO: “This woman really tried. Tag olamide badoo.”


Watch the video below:


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