WAHO Partners AFD On Human Resources For Health Emergencies

WAHO Partners AFD On Human Resources For Health Emergencies

In a bid to build strong national and regional public health institutions for prevention and management of current and future health threats, the West African Health Organisation (WAHO) and French Development Agency (AFD) have launched the Human Resources in Public Health project.

Speaking during the launch of the project in Abuja, Charge d’Affaires of the French Embassy in Abuja, Jean-Francoois Hasperue, emphasised the crucial need to support the development of resilient health systems, ability to anticipate, prepare and respond to public health emergencies.

He said; “The COVID crisis also demonstrated that strengthening health systems alone will not be enough to fight emerging health threats. Indeed, a “One Health” approach, taking into account the interrelations between the health of people, animals and the planet ecosystems is needed.

“Therefore, France is aiming to support the building of strong national and regional public health institutions able to prevent and manage current and future health threats.”

Mr.Hasperue said France was committed to ensuring a multi-disciplinary and coordinated response to health emergencies, stressing that health security relies on qualified human resources for health who will be able to adapt to evolving needs.

“The shortage of health workforce is a global issue but is nowhere more felt than in Africa. By 2030, the projected global shortage is about 10 million health workers (WHO). This is why France has made it as number one priority of its global Health strategy. The project we are launching today is a concrete example of this commitment,” he added.

The Charge d’Affaires also said the project is a new step in France’s partnership with ECOWAS and its specialised agency, WAHO.

ADF Nigeria country director, Xavier Muron, said the project is a perfect illustration of the key priorities of the French global health strategy that was launched in October last year.

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