“You would go to pr!son for ste@l!ng a bike” – Moment woman frustrated a r0bber who attempted to ste@l her bicycle (VIDEO)

"You would go to pr!son for ste@l!ng a bike" – Moment woman frustrated a r0bber who attempted to ste@l her bicycle (VIDEO)

Different reactions have trailed a video that was shared on the microblogging platform X, which captured a lady frustrating a robber.

The thief had sneaked into her home to steal her bike but she didn’t make it easy for him as she tried to stop him several times.

She could be seen in the video hitting him with a broomstick while he lifted the bike and tried to go over the wall.

Irritated by her actions, he tried to scare her off with a pen knife, but the woman stood her ground and kept informing him that the cops were on their way.

While giving him a hard time, she could be heard conversing with him about how long he would be in jail and what he intended to do with the bike.

She said;

“Why are you doing this, how much are you getting for that, look at you big tough man with his little Stanley blade. Who brought you up, which mother is yours? She needs to be in prison for training you up, you little thug. You are going to go to prison for 30 years for breaking into my garden.”

Below are some of the reactions;

@savagekizz:  The woman deserves an award for this show of entertainment coz this is the best robbery fails I’ve ever seen

@blochief:  Mehn, this is funny. It is a lovely country where a thief and his victim chat about the situation. 

@SeunPhillips4:  The accent is killing me, Na those junkie for city center be this

@cirxwr:  I’m glad I’m hybrid Nigerian & British. Life isn’t meant to be so hard at all you know? Don’t come stealing from me in this matter. They’ll just talk you out of it.

Watch the video below,


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