Kinsmen Caution Akpabio Against Persistent Attack On Emefiele

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Members of Agbor Stakeholders Forum have asked Senate President Godswill Akpabio to desist forthwith from his constant public attacks on their kinsman, Mr. Godwin Emefiele. The forum warned Akpabio specifically to remember that those who live in glass houses do not throw stones.

The call came on the heels of another public attack on Mr. Emefiele recently. At a reception for the Senate President in his hometown in Ikot Ekpene, Akwa Ibom State recently, Akpabio reportedly castigated Emefiele, saying that President Bola Tinubu was clearing the former Central Bank governor’s mess as he “left a big hole in the national treasury, … I still stand by my position,” referring to his previous attack on Emefiele that went viral.

Last February, Akpabio at a function in Rivers State, also publicly told his audience that Emefiele’s crimes were too many to the point that the authorities do not know which to charge him for.

In the light of what seems to have become Akpabio’s frivolous pastime, we ASF hereby warn the head of Nigeria’s Senate to remember that he lives in a big glasshouse and therefore,  throwing stones could amount to be an act of self-annihilation,” the association said in a statement that was signed by its national coordinator, Kanene Kachikwu. The group also said “Apart from the fact that Akpabio’s careless and baseless statements are debasing him and his exalted office more, we must awaken him to the fact that he must not take Emefiele’s professionalism and deep patriotism for granted.

“Akpabio must remember that just one word from Emefiele and he would cease to be Senate President immediately. Indeed, he will cease to be a senator or hold any public office in Nigeria ever again.

How could Akpabio forget so fast how he wangled his way to the Senate after contesting for President? If Akpabio wasn’t so morally bankrupt, he would never show his face in public on account of his electoral shenanigans in the last general elections. By what miracle did Akpabio manage to contest in two primary elections (presidency and Senate) in one election cycle?”


Kachikwu said it was a public knowledge that Emefiele is a saint compared to Akpabio whom he accused of plundering the Akwa Ibom State governor as a governor for eight years and left NDDC in without a major project as a federal minister.


He begged that Emefiele, who is currently facing corruption charges, rose to the heights of his banking career, helping to build one of the biggest and best banks in Africa. It was at the pinnacle of the hallowed financial institution that he was headhunted for the exalted job of governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria.


As CBN governor, the group said Emefiele saved the Buhari administration with his innovative monetary and development finance policy interventions. It said his sterling policies prevented Nigeria’s economy from plunging headlong into the abyss ‘as we have seen in the last one year.’ Kachikwu said Emefiele’s unique and customised development financing was the game-changer during the Buhari era.


“Finally, we state without a fear of contradiction that while Emefiele has been turned inside out by numerous investigators for one year with no concrete charge,  Akpabio cannot stand one day of scrutiny. Yes, ONE DAY! In fact, we wager that Akpabio will not escape the long arm of the law someday; no matter how long he filibusters justice by hiding under the dark covers of APC; no matter how long he scurries under the skirts of President Tinubu, he will surely have his day in court and justice shall be served him,” the group said in the statement.

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