MOSOP-USA Gives Condition For Resumption Of Oil Production In Ogoniland 

Austin FC

The Movement for the Survival of Ogoni People in the United States of America (MOSOP-USA) has said the federal government must fulfill four conditions it has set before oil production will resume in Ogoniland of Rivers State.

MOSOP-USA, in a statement signed by its President, DineBari Kpuinen, which was made available to LEADERSHIP in Port Harcourt on Thursday, said top on the list of the conditions was the creation of a separate State for the people of Ogoni.

The statement, which demanded for cleaning-up the previous contaminants and ensure the environment is safe for oil production, called for the exoneration and immortalisation of late renowned environmentalist, Kenule Saro-Wiwa and eight other Ogonis, who were hanged by the military junta headed by Late General Sani Abacha.

The group further demanded that the Ogoni people be compensated for all the atrocities meted against them by the administration of former Head of State, late General Abacha.

The statement read in part: “There is confirmed information reaching MOSOP USA that some greedy, self-centered Ogoni indigents, government agents, and saboteurs, who have consistently undermined Ogoni efforts to be self-governed within the Nigerian state, have gone to Abuja to meet with President Bola Tinubu to negotiate oil resumption in Ogoni.

“MOSOP-USA urges the president to heed the four conditions we have set for oil production in Ogoni. These are not arbitrary demands but crucial prerequisites that must be met before such operations commence.

“Our ultimate goal is for Ogoni to be granted a State to be self-governed within the Federal Republic of Nigeria, similar to other ethnic nationalities. This would ensure Ogoni has a say in national budgets, as our resources are being misused. It is a step towards Ogoni controlling their political affairs, having equal representation, and using a good proportion of their resources for their development.

“The right to protect their boundaries and environment against further degradation, forceful encroachment, domination, and annihilation.

“Clean up the previous contaminants and ensure the environment is safe for oil production. Gives its citizens the five essential government obligations to guarantee that Ogoni is part of Nigeria: good roads, clean water, electricity, equipped medical facilities, and security.

“The exoneration and immortalize the Ogoni Nine (9), which includes Gbenemene Suanu I of the Ogoni Nation, Kenule Beson Saro-Wiwa, Comr. John Barinaaziga Kpuinen, Dr. Barinem Kiobel, Paul Levura, Baribor Bera, Daniel Gbokoo, Saturday Dobee, Felix Nuate and Nordu Eawo is not negotiable.

“We urge the government and people of Nigeria to straighten their records. These men remain innocent of the charges against them that led to their brutal death. MOSOP USA demands that these men be exonerated. In honor of their memories, November 10 should be declared an Environmental or Civil rights national holiday in Nigeria.

“We demand that the Ogoni people be compensated for all the atrocities meted against them by the Abacha administration. We call on the President to call back the citizens of the 16 Communities that the Abacha administration sacked and flattened in both Oyigbo and Tai LGAs. Rehabilitate and pay Compensation to those who have been internally homeless and hopeless refugees.

“Also, pay compensation for the 4,000 Ogoni people who were massacred in cold blood by the Rivers State Internal Task Force created by Abacha while Major Paul Okuntimo executed the federal order to make Ogoni a wasteland. Those are what it takes for resumption in Ogoni.”

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